Trip of a lifetime

From Oct. 17th. 2014 until Apr. 14th. 2015 we visited Australia, New Zealand and The Philippines and made the trip of a lifetime. Exactly 1 year later we decided to post a photo memory a day to keep the cold winter away. So visit to see where we were and what we did on this day one year ago.

New Zealand


Mrt. 10 2015

Auckland - New Zealand
Bringing our farewell salute to Auckland and beautyful New Zealand #picsfromfilmaresolikenotcool

Mrt. 09 2015

Warkworth - New Zealand
Near Warkworth. Wojah Wabbit, car dressed to look like a rabbit, Top Of The Dome Cafe

Mrt. 08 2015

Whangarei - New Zealand
For the public to see the birds, day is transformed into night inside the Kiwi house of Kiwi North near Whangarei

Mrt. 07 2015

Kawakawa - New Zealand
People were standing in line, not only to pee but to admire The Hundertwasser Toilets on the main street of Kawakawa

Mrt. 06 2015

Waitangi - New Zealand
Cultural performance in front of a meeting house on Waitangi Treaty Grounds. The place where Maori chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi with the British Crown

Mrt. 05 2015

Paihia Opua - New Zealand
Paihia Opua Coastal Walkway, lovely strol from Beachside Holiday Park

Mrt. 04 2015

Waipoua Forest - New Zealand
Loving every Kauri tree in Waipoua Forest

Mrt. 03 2015

North of Auckland - New Zealand
Pretty picture of the New Zealand landscape north of Auckland

Mrt. 02 2015

Mount Eden - Auckland - New Zealand
Walking around a volcanic crater on Mount Eden (holy ground to the Maori), with clear views on Auckland

Mrt. 01 2015

Viaduct Basin - Auckland - New Zealand
Cosy Viaduct Basin looking towards the 328 meter heigh Sky Tower

Feb. 28 2015

Manukau Holiday Park - Auckland - New Zealand
Making plans for tomorrow on Manukau Holiday Park, near Auckland

Feb. 27 2015

Driving Creek Cafe - Coromandel town - Coromandel - New Zealand
This World Peace Platter will always be on the menu of Driving Creek Cafe in Coromandel town

Feb. 26 2015

Colville Bay - Coromandel Peninsula - New Zealand
Amazing sky, looking over Colville Bay in the Coromandel Peninsula

Feb. 25 2015

Pauanui - Coromandel Peninsula - New Zealand
Not hard to love live when you’re living in the town of Pauanui on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula

Feb. 24 2015

Katikati - New Zealand
The towns history is painted on every wall in Katikati

Feb. 23 2015

Rotorua - New Zealand
Te Papaiouru Marae, a Maori meeting house in Rotorua

Feb. 22 2015

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland - New Zealand
Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, land of geothermal activity. #NoFilter

Feb. 21 2015

Craters of the Moon - New Zealand
Craters of the Moon, lots of volcanic activity. Keep your nose covered

Feb. 20 2015

Mount Doom - Tongariro National Park - New Zealand
Tongariro National Park with a great view on Lord Of The Rings Mount Doom. Most impressive landscape we have ever seen

Feb. 19 2015

Route 43 (Ohura Road) - New Zealand
Beauty doesn’t need a fancy name, route 43 (Ohura Road)

Feb. 18 2015

Mount Taranaki - New Zealand
Taranaki-region Mount Taranaki. In New Zealand beauty is always around the next corner

Feb. 17 2015

New Plymouth - New Zealand
New Plymouth. Something to eat, something to drink and let nature do the rest

Feb. 16 2015

Mount Taranaki - New Zealand
2518 meter heigh Mount Taranaki last erupted in 1860

Feb. 15 2015

Whanganui River - New Zealand
View of Whanganui River at the start of a scenic drive to Pipiriki

Feb. 14 2015

Foxton - New Zealand
Dutch treats in Foxton, right next to the windmil

Feb. 13 2015

New Zealand
Not going anywhere for a while

Feb. 12 2015

Botanic Gardens - Wellington - New Zealand
A must take photo; cable tram of Wellington from the Botanic Gardens

Feb. 11 2015

Picton - New Zealand
Saying goodbye to Picton and the South Island, while heading to the North Island

Feb. 10 2015

Blenheim - Marlborough region - New Zealand
Vineyard near Blenheim in the Marlborough region

Feb. 09 2015

Kaikoura - Marlborough region - New Zealand
Encounter with seals, north of Kaikoura in Marlborough region. Don’t go too far, we’re just about to get ready for dinner

Feb. 08 2015

Picton - Marlborough Sounds - New Zealand
Looking over Marlborough Sounds from the town of Picton. Almost time to leave the South Island to visit the North Island

Feb. 07 2015

Nelson - New Zealand
Street in Nelson

Feb. 06 2015

Abel Tasman National Park - New Zealand
Abel Tasman National Park. Freedom is taking the horse for a walk on the beach

Feb. 05 2015

Abel Tasman National Park - New Zealand
Abel Tasman National Park. Waiting for the water to return

Feb. 04 2015

Murchison - New Zealand
Golden oldies in Murchison

Feb. 03 2015

Punakaiki - New Zealand
The Pancake Rocks consists of heavily eroded limestone and is a very popular tourist destination near Punakaiki


Feb. 02 2015

Hokitika - New Zealand
The old library of Hokitika is a museum nowadays

Feb. 01 2015

Hokitika - New Zealand
Every end of the year Driftwood & Sand competition is held in Hokitika

Jan. 31 2015

Franz Josef Glacier - New Zealand
In the heart of Glacier Country, the Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier are the most accessible rivers of ice in the world

Jan. 30 2015

Fox Glacier - New Zealand
In the heart of Glacier Country, the Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier are the most accessible rivers of ice in the world

Jan. 29 2015

New Zealand
No particular tourist attraction, but just next to the road

Jan. 28 2015

Wanaka - New Zealand
Looking over Wanaka from the top of Mount Iron, after an pretty intense walk

Jan. 27 2015

Cardrona Hotel - New Zealand
Lots of history at the Cardrona Hotel

Jan. 26 2015

Kingston - New Zealand
The long and winding road from Kingston to Queenstown

Jan. 25 2015

Kingston - New Zealand
Kingston is the quietest little town we have ever been

Jan. 24 2015

Milford Sound - New Zealand
Boat trip between the cliffs of Milford Sound. A place to get your Ooo and Aaa’s

Jan. 23 2015

Milford Sound - New Zealand
And another picture perfect on our way to Milford Sound

Milford Sound:

Jan. 22 2015

Milford Highway - New Zealand
A paintworthy New Zealand landscape on our way to Milford Sound

Jan. 21 2015

Clifden Suspension Bridge - Clifden - New Zealand
The Clifden Suspension Bridge (1899) spans the Waiau River and is 111.5m long

Otago coast:

Jan. 20 2015

Curio Bay - Catlins - Otago Coast - New Zealand
The fossilised remains of an ancient forest is exposed at Curio Bay during low tide

Jan. 19 2015

Curio Bay - Catlins - Otago Coast - New Zealand
Watching the rare Hoiho or Yellow-eyed Penguins come ashore at Curio Bay

Otago coast:

Jan. 18 2015

Rotary Park - Dunedin - Otago Coast - New Zealand
Looking over Dunedin from Rotary Park

Jan. 17 2015

Royal Albatross Centre - Otago Peninsula - Dunedin - Otago Coast - New Zealand
Albatros spotting at the Royal Albatross Centre on the Otago Peninsula near Dunedin

Jan. 16 2015

Dunedin Railway Station - Dunedin - New Zealand
Dunedin Railway Station, opened in 1906, is New Zealand’s most photographed building

Jan. 15 2015

Koekohe Beach - Otago Coast - New Zealand
Moeraki Boulders on Koekohe Beach (Otago coast) are shaped by the erosion by wave action of mudstone

Jan. 14 2015

Harbour Street - Oamaru - Otago Coast - New Zealand
Harbour Street in Oamaru looks a lot like a film location from the past

Mount Cook NP:

Jan. 13 2015

Hooker Lake - New Zealand
Jump for joy at Hooker Lake at the base of monkey shaped Mount Cook

Jan. 12 2015

Lake Pukaki - New Zealand
Enjoying the view over Lake Pukaki towards Mount Cook National Park

Jan. 11 2015

New Zealand
Back to nature while driving from Christchurch to the south

Christchurch area:

Jan. 10 2015

Christchurch - New Zealand
Christchurch Transitional Cathedral is a cardboard chapel that replaces an earthquake-ruined cathedral

Jan. 09 2015

Akaroa - New Zealand
Six-sided, wooden lighthouse on Cemetery Point in Akaroa

Jan. 08 2015

Akaroa - New Zealand
Akaroa is a historic French and British settlement nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano

Jan. 07 2015

Lyttelton - New Zealand
View on Lyttelton and Lyttelton Harbour, an area of outstanding historical and cultural significance

Jan. 06 2015

Christchurch - New Zealand
Christchurch is, 4 years after the earthquake, nowhere near restored

Jan. 05 2015

Christchurch - New Zealand
A new and ‘clean’ camper van is waiting for us in Christchurch

Jan. 04 2015

New Zealand
Almost there! New Zealand, a matter of love at first sight


Sydney area:

Jan. 02 2015

Poplar Tourist Park - Camden - NSW - Australia
The time has come to wash the journey of our camper van, before returning it to Travellers Autobarn

Jan. 01 2015

Poplar Tourist Park - Camden - NSW - Australia
Trying to capture the lightning. This one nearly struck a camper on Poplar Tourist Park

Dec. 31 2014

Sydney - NSW - Australia
New Years Eve in Sydney, it was well worth the waiting

Dec. 30 2014

Nan Tien Temple - Berkeley - NSW - Australia
Nan Tien Temple in Berkeley is a place for inner reflection

Dec. 29 2014

Seven Mile Beach - NSW - Australia
As close as we got to Seven Mile Beach

Dec. 28 2014

Wollongong - NSW - Australia
Not so wildlife anymore, but super cute

Dec. 27 2014

Fitzroy Falls - Morton NP - NSW - Australia
Fitzroy Falls in Morton NP seen from Jersey Lookout

Dec. 26 2014

Kiama - NSW - Australia
Visiting the blowhole of Kiama on Boxing Day

Dec. 25 2014

Wollongong - NSW - Australia
That’s awfully wet snow. Singing in the rain in Wollongong

Dec. 24 2014

Wollongong - NSW - Australia
A warm (Chris)tmas for us this year in Wollongong

Dec. 23 2014

North Wollongong - Grand Pacific Drive - NSW - Australia
Skydive The Beach in North Wollongong #picsfromfilmaresolikenotcool

Dec. 22 2014

Stanwell Tops - Grand Pacific Drive - NSW - Australia
Standing on Stanwell Tops, overlooking the Grand Pacific Drive while driving from Sydney to Wollongong

Dec. 21 2014

Cockle Bay - Darling Harbour - Sydney - NSW - Australia
View on Darling Harbour and Cockle Bay Wharf from Pyrmont Bridge

Dec. 20 2014

Opera House - Sydney - NSW - Australia
Opera House on our very first day in Sydney

Dec. 13 2014

Junee - NSW - Australia
The Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory is located at the restored Junee Flour Mill

Where: Junee – NSW

Dec. 12 2014

Wagga Wagga - NSW - Australia
It looks like Santa hasn’t forgotten about Pat and John this year…

Where: Wagga Wagga – NSW

Toora Tourist Park - Toora - VIC - Australia
First class seats in Toora to see Wilsons Promontory NP from a distance over Corner Inlet

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